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Why Companies choose access control: (The Benefits of an access control System)

Reduce re-keying locks

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Many companies that grow over a dozen or so employees find themselves with employee turn over. This problem which affects the efficiency of the company especially in interruptions due to the need to lock the old employees out of the building. Access control solves this in a much quicker and more cost effective method. Once installed the admin can log into the system, and simply remove their ID numbers from the access control system’s database, and they no longer have access. Imagine the difference between changing the locks and needing to re-issue keys to all the employees. This process is long and time consuming, not to mention it can be costly in big facilities.

Increase Security

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One of the biggest issues facing mechanical key locks (for big facilities) is security. When master keying mechanical locks you have a serious security flaw. Every additional pin segment you put in (master pin) degrades the security. Professionals are able to decode the master with access to a few of the user keys. They also become easier to pick (like James Bond). With an access control system you will not have any of the wear and tear issues you have with keyed systems. The high security programs in these access control systems are encrypted and can go to incredible amounts of users without the degrading of security.


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The mechanical key systems wear down, with the key moving in and out, making it so the master-pin can lock up, in between the cylinder wall and the plug (inside the lock). It also has exposed threats from the keys possibly being worn, which may also lock it up. Combined with the increased reliability of magnetic locking systems most companies see the value in switching over to access control, when budgeting and numbers reach the right levels.We offer Florida commercial access control products that can be integrated in doors, gates, telephone entry, elevators, and more. Our access control products can be used for time management, as a time clock, or workstation sign in system.

Choose from a wide range of access control security solutions for Automatic gates, door controls, telephone entry systems, including options for proximity readers, fingerprint recognition, handprint recognition, keypads, and keyless locksets that incorporate one or more of these features.

Select from the top brands in access control such as Keri Systems, Schlage SMS, Honeywell, and if we don’t have what you are looking for chances are we can get it.

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